This is the development site for ELDAP. ELDAP is an Eiffel binding for the OpenLDAP C API. Here you can find source code, documentation, tickets and the current roadmap for development.


ELDAP was orginally developed with EiffelStudio 4.5 and the Netscape LDAP C API on Windows in 2001. The next release will be adapted to OpenLDAP and all support for the old Netscape LDAP C API will be dropped. Furthermore it will be ported to Linux. Development is currently done with EiffelStudio 6.2. We intend to make ELDAP work with both the latest versions of EiffelStudio and the Gobo Eiffel Compiler.

Copyright and License

ELDAP is copyright  Seibo Software Studios.

ELDAP is licensed under the Eiffel Forum License, version 2. See  Why the Eiffel Forum License is Awesome for a good summary of why we chose that license.

Starting points

If you wish to use ELDAP or contribute you should first read our  instructions and recommendations.

  • Compile and build environment: <TBD>
  • Platform and dependencies: <TBD>
  • Architecture and modules: <TBD>
  • Installation and configuration: <TBD>
  • Setting up OpenLDAP
  • Examples
  • References: <TBD>


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